let me paint your story

There is a way to for everyone in a group portrait to love the way they look—SMART Portraits. Developed by Charlene deLory, this new service, which stands for Social Media ART Portraits, takes each person’s favorite pictures and combines them with their friends’ and/or family members’ favorite pictures to form the basis for a painting that looks like it came straight from a group shot. Problem solved—each person chooses the look they like best from pictures they have. Charlene then uses her skill in portrait art and architectural perspective drawing to use these multiple photos to create a professional group portrait, without any sitting or posing time.
The process has three simple steps. First, choose the portrait size (the number of people will help determine canvas size) and email a few pictures of each person (different angles) to Charlene. Second, she selects the pictures desired and makes a sketch of the group. Third, she paints the portrait. Charlene has multiple approval steps along the way to ensure customer satisfaction. The final portrait can be picked up on Oahu or shipped anywhere in the world.

Charlene says: “I’m thrilled to take everyone’s favorite pictures and combine them into a new art form. One of my clients sent me three pictures—one was from a flyer, the second was a Facebook post and the third was a selfie. I love the amazed reaction the client has when it all comes together!”

Announcing SMARTSocial Media ART Portraits Where Each Person Looks the Way They Want To

Charlene deLory

Group portraits are wonderful in that they capture and celebrate a special moment in time. However, sometimes not everyone ends up having their best qualities and features shown. People have a critical eye for their own image, and when it doesn’t reflect their best smile, or their eyes don’t shine, or their hair is off kilter, they end up not liking the portrait.