Suggested Art Supply List

What your art tool box should contain

  • BRUSHES Gary Jenkins Master Brush Set $149.95 928-282-2421 or 800-247-6553
  • INCLUDES: Small sable round Small sable liner #10 Synthetic Filbert #12 Synthetic Filbert 1/4” Synthetic Flat 1/2” Synthetic Flat 3/4” Synthetic Flat 1” Synthetic Flat 1” Goat hair mop blender 1/2” Goat hair mop blender
  • OIL PAINTS Jenkins Signature Oil Paints
  •  14 tubes of 40ML pigments (standard is 37) $229. 928-282-2421 or 800-247-6553
  • INCLUDES: Titanium White, Foliage Green, Deep Burgundy, Cadmium Orange, Burnt Sienna, Ivory Black, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Red, Turquoise Blue, Royal Mauve, Magenta Rose, Burnt Umber, Ultra Marine Blue
  • 2 -12” x 12 “ particle board canvas as smooth as possible
  • Masterson’s Covered paint box with disposable pallet paper (white)
  • Black Graphic Transfer Paper
  • Masking tape
  • Pencil Palette Knife
  • Odorless Thinner & Linseed Oil
  • Containers for both the linseed oil and thinner
  • Papertowels (Viva brand works well)

Please note that i do not receive any monetary gain from suggesting Gary Jenkins supplies, I'm a true believer in his products and use them personally with great results.  Aloha~ Charlene deLory

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Learn the techniques of color...

 Designed for beginners and intermediate, students who want to take their painting further.

Take a journey with me and learn all the techniques to make your paintings frame-able & fun. ! !

  • Learn how to load your brush properly 
  • Discover how to use medium 
  • How to use various colors and not get mud 
  • What brushes to use and for what purpose 
  • What consistency of the paint is used and for what purpose
  • Color and composition
  • Paint your frame


Charlene delory



How to load your palette

let me paint your story

Charlene deLory

Painting Peacock It is the use of colors that makes this painting special

This class is more advanced.

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