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Charlene deLory

HONOLULU, Hawai`i – April 4, 2016–Charlene deLory Art presents SMART Portraits, which stands for Social Media ART Portrait. A new service that takes your favorite selfie or picture and combines it with your friends or families favorite pic to form an ART portrait. A professional painting that looks like it was a posed group shot.  

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Award winning portrait artist Charlene deLory  captures the human spirit in her painted subjects by concentrating on the essence that makes them unique and exceptional. Interesting backgrounds will enhance and add to the story.

LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? let me paint your story.


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Art Class for the advanced. Private instruction available, Contact Me for details.

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ART class- 2 day painting workshop. Designed for beginners and intermediate students who want to take their painting further. Private Classes available.  Contact Me for details.

the portrait is complete when the eyes tell a story.